The Spoonbill Generator

I, Diamond Jim

Thumb screws , finger nails [Roland]

These and more in mid-day sales! [Apsley]

Eyeball jelly , elbow grease [loaf]

Give me one of each of these! [fester]

Brass face , iron lung [Roland]

All will help to keep you young! [fester]

Mojo finger, walrus eyes [Apsley]

All you want , in just your size! [loaf]

Fallen arches, bees knees [Curt!]

All our wares are sure to please. [loaf]

Her rising cheest give direction west [Jorge]

Just as well you bought that vest! [Beefy]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, loaf, fester, Curt!, Jorge, Beefy.
Poem finished: 17th January 2001.