The Spoonbill Generator

Ode Scribbled Rudely by Lennon

A is for the alligators alcoholically inclined, [Fatty]

Who spurn all schemes and patterns, I find [Apsley]

B is for pantomime - oh, no, it isn't [TG]

Oh, yes, it is! [Fatty]

K is for shoetop, which we can plainly see [(trad., adapted)]

And you won't get in your car without your Khaki [Hamish]

Axe is to apple as rat is to red [Apsley]

G for police and O for the wings of a dove, 'tis said... [fester]

Contributors: Fatty, Apsley, TG, (trad., adapted), Hamish, fester.
Poem finished: 15th January 2001.