The Spoonbill Generator

Making Nuns

Sheila was my first love, and she was just a hake [Apsley]

I thought her my true love, but she was on the make [Fatty]

She told me she drank sherry, but that was just a lie [Apsley]

She drank gin by the bottle, and she was always dry [fester]

Sheila had a father, who blossomed like a goat; [Apsley]

Sheila had no mother; she'd left them for a stoat [Beefy]

Sheila had a brother, who'd run away to land [fester]

Where all the penguins licked him, and buried him in sand [Apsley]

Wendy was my next love, and she was a girl scout [Fatty]

I thought she was my true love, but she was a burnout [fester]

She suffered from delusions ('bout the price of fish) [Apsley]

A fat, firm and long eel was her dearest wish [Fatty]

Wendy had a sister, who sold her to the bill; [Apsley]

Wendy had a brother, who looked like Shanghai Lil [TG]

Wendy had three mothers, and all of them were French [dkb]

Wendy had a father, but he left her on a bench [TG]

Contributors: Apsley, Fatty, fester, Beefy, TG, dkb.
Poem finished: 15th January 2001.