The Spoonbill Generator

Her Northampton Boudoir

Bengeo is just the place to start a bitter feud [Apsley]

Pitting, 'gainst the Cormorant, the Crab [Surlaw]

For, in this way, the sparring is exactly what ensued, [Apsley]

When labradors were first bred in the lab [Surlaw]

And undertook their canine tasks with diligence and zeal [Apsley]

They, so genteel. [Surlaw]

The mastiff is a noble beast, with feathers and a plume; [Apsley]

Latterly, his dignity betrayed [Surlaw]

By Hector the Usurper and his retrospective broom [Apsley]

Whose sweeping changes were not lightly made [Surlaw]

But circumscribed the very acts of men [Apsley]

Down in the Fen [Surlaw]

'The solstice is a merry time to have a glass of beer', [Apsley]

Ethelred proclaimed across the mire [Surlaw]

Whilst surveying, then, some pictish huts, which glistened almost clear [Apsley]

The better to attract the roving buyer [Surlaw]

From Great Dunmow or Glasgow north (or south) [Apsley]

By word of mouth [Surlaw]

In tragedy, we find the fruit whose marrow doth us please [Apsley]

Comedy reserves a wilder tune [Surlaw]

That's played upon the piccolo of Time, or else the lute, [Apsley]

Or else athwart the whimsical bassoon [Surlaw]

That splutters into life with headstrong glee [Apsley]

As you may see [Surlaw]

At Christmastide, we kiss the goose and feather our own bed [Apsley]

Tyranny deserves a lamer theme [Surlaw]

As strummed upon the mandolin that's buried with the dead [Apsley]

And resonates throughout a troubled dream [Surlaw]

As echoes of the past that never was [Apsley]

Doomed by 'Because' [Surlaw]

For 'tis the word that wakes the dead and suffocates the quick [Apsley]

Pitting, 'gainst the walrus, the dugong [Surlaw]

Than which there is no other beast that doth so snicker-snick [Apsley]

Enveloping its victims in a song [Surlaw]

Crooned by Sinatra [Apsley]

The barterer [Surlaw]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 9th January 2001.