The Spoonbill Generator

A Prawn Parading

An ant always admires actors [fester]

But bees bedevil burly boatmen [Beefy]

Choice creeping creature characters! [Fatty]

Drones don't determine destiny [Hamish]

Except each envious earwig [Apsley]

Finding friendly frolicking fleas [fester]

Glib grasshoppers gently gliding [JS]

Hats of butterflies in the breeze [Curt!]

Insect lovers of the warm air [JS]

Joyfully join jumping-jacks [dkb]

Knighting koalas kerb-krawling [Apsley]

Limpets loving limpid lagoons [dkb]

Mites munching mammals merrily [JS]

Newts nosing needles noisily [Apsley]

Otiose oligarchs offer opinions [P]

Pundits perpetrate pathetic puns [loaf]

Quiet queens quaff quicksilver [P]

Reckless reprobates remove rompers [loaf]

Sozzled sailors syncopate slyly [P]

Terrestrial typewriters' tiresome tyranny [loaf]

Underhand uncles undo underpants [P]

'Verily, verily,' vicars vouchsafe [loaf]

Wobbly weebles wearing water wings. [Curt!]

Xenial x-raying Xhosas [fester]

Yet youthful Yorkists yelling [Apsley]

"Zappa!" - zonked zany zombie zits... [Fatty]

Contributors: fester, Beefy, Fatty, Hamish, Apsley, JS, Curt!, dkb, P, loaf.
Poem finished: 9th January 2001.