The Spoonbill Generator

Finnegan's Ascending Nostril

Alphabetic poetry often can [fester]

Blur the very wits of man [Roland]

Curdle, e'en his very marrow [Apsley]

Damn his veins so narrow! [Roland]

E'en hist'ry ,considered studiously [fester]

Forgets science quite ludicrously [Apsley]

Gross turpitude, and other sins [P]

Hide the prizes no man wins [Roland]

Catatonic prisoners never run [Fatty]

Until the mystic sequence is undone [Roland]

And that, my friends was quite some fun [-]

For King Blackadder's no. 1 [Apsley]

One, duo ,trinity, quadumvirate [Fatty]

(Or was it something that I ate?) [Winston1984]

I admire the head of state [Apsley]

Just as he admires my pate [Beefy]

Kicking up the undergrowth [Apsley]

Like a seventeen-toed sloth [TG]

Or a piece of sequined filth [Apsley]

Picked without an "m" or "n" - [Fatty]

Quite forgotten by all men - [Apsley]

Making, though a late return [TG]

New alphabets with lots of "O"s [fester]

Running once again to plan [Beefy]

Seeing happy cans of Spam [Fatty]

Trotting down the road with glee [Hamish]

Under Mr Mukherjee [Apsley]

Very, very hard to catch [fester]

When I run I'm hard to match [Curt!]

Xenophobia makes me fleet [dkb]

(You should see my spiky feet!) [Apsley]

Zebras scarcely can compete. [dkb]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Apsley, P, Fatty, -, Winston1984, Beefy, TG, Hamish, Curt!, dkb.
Poem finished: 6th January 2001.