The Spoonbill Generator

Deserts East of Harwich

Living in a dream [Fisher]

Crawling on the Rabbi's head [loaf]

Crawling through the tufts of hair [TG]

Hungry for ginger-bread [Roland]

Living with a bream [Apsley]

Dying for a drink [Roland]

Looking for a bar, I think [Fatty]

Though vodka's a type of gin [Apsley]

(No it isn't, stupid fink!) [fester]

Angostura pink [Roland]

Dreaming of a cod [Beefy]

Juggling the embyros [Roland]

Fattened up for injection [Apsley]

Altogether adipose [Roland]

Unlike a bipod [Apsley]

Waking in a sweat [fester]

Casting off a negligée [Roland]

Casting flies into the stream [fester]

Hankering for yesterday [Roland]

Waking in the wet [fester]

Contributors: Fisher, loaf, TG, Roland, Apsley, Fatty, fester, Beefy.
Poem finished: 19th December 2000.