The Spoonbill Generator

Meanwhile, Back Under the Duvet...

A kangaroo tried in a wallaby court [Roland]

Pleaded 'not guilty' without a thought [Apsley]

As kangaroos do (since their brains are quite small) [fester]

Ignoring the strident death-penalty call [Apsley]

From the budgerigars and the wombats alike [P]

From the zebras, the foxgloves and even a shrike [Apsley]

"What a dreadful fuss for a squashed bandicoot" [fester]

Said the vacuous usher in a hand-me-down suit [Apsley]

"That 'roo did what all true Australians would do - [fester]

Beat the living daylights out of Sydney's finest zoo!" [Apsley]

The kangaroo's lawyers all argued in vain [fester]

He had a pullover, but scarcely a brain; [Apsley]

They claimed that he was drunk, his crime just a spree, [Fatty]

But such unwholesome pleadings were not fit to set him free: [Apsley]

The Judge declared "Let's hang him! String him up right now! [fester]

Tie him to a lamp-post and betray him to a cow!" [Apsley]

They hung him, they betrayed him, they tied him to a post - [Fatty]

The very kind of justice that Australians like the most - [Apsley]

The wallabies all clapped and cheered as the poor beast died [fester]

For they as one expected a coat made from his hide: [Apsley]

A kangaroo died in a wallaby court [Fatty]

A tale, though tragic, that's pitifully short! [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, fester, P, Fatty.
Poem finished: 22nd November 2000.