The Spoonbill Generator

B-Flat Tonsils

Down in New York City is a craze that's hit the streets [Apsley]

A craze that turns our children into punks [TG]

Or even punklets [Apsley]

Anything for nik to run his beat. [bell]

Round a new world city its a maze, a symphony incomplete [spedders]

A fad that spawns a navy sailing junks [Apsley]

Or even junkets [MRQ]

Any dairy product we can eat [Grayman]

Pounding round the city, your amazingly big feet [fester]

A feat of daring size unbecoming of monks [spedders]

Or even monklets [Apsley]

The primate of a vital living Church [Grayman]

Grinding down the city, the millstones of the rich [Apsley]

Social consent driven by chauvinistic hunks [HOG]

Or even hunklets [Grayman]

The poetry of envy makes forth a final lurch [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, TG, bell, spedders, MRQ, Grayman, fester, HOG.
Poem finished: 27th July 2000.