The Spoonbill Generator

Vacuum Cleaners Constructed Entirely Out Of Anabaptist Dogma

A rabid armadillo with a beanbag on its head [Grayman]

Went shopping once in Woolworths for a brand new wooden leg [Hamish]

And despite its lack of training [dkb]

It could detect that it was raining [Apsley]

A pack of chicken livers who were living off the land [Hamish]

Went tripping off to Brighton beach to rol round in the sand [ellie]

And this despite their total lack of brains [fester]

they ripped up the water mains [ellie]

A ham-and-tuna sandwich went to Epping on the train [Apsley]

But fell asleep en route and wound up living in Bahrain [Grayman]

And despite its lack of icing [Hamish]

A sheikh found it enticing [Grayman]

A nude Tabasco bottle which was opened in Hong Kong [Hamish]

Danced merrily in Skunthorpe with a sausage that was long [ellie]

And, in despite of more to do, [Apsley]

Caught the train at Waterloo [TG]

A hungry purse with orange flaps [Apsley]

Is unlikely to be satisfied with forty-seven baps [TG]

With seeds of sesame [Grayman]

Filled with some stinking brie [Hamish]

A crisp baguette from Urdistan [Apsley]

Devised a cunning trick to rob the Welsh. This was his plan: [Hamish]

Planting leeks instead of larches [grayman]

Under disused railway arches [Apsley]

A chicken tikka masala [Hamish]

Decided not to go to bed but crashed out in the parlour [Grayman]

Where it joined a bottle of Krug [Hamish]

That was zonked out on the rug [Grayman]

Contributors: Grayman, Hamish, dkb, Apsley, ellie, fester, TG, grayman.
Poem finished: 20th June 2000.