The Spoonbill Generator

Bangles in Temptation

As the bland computer whines [Surlaw]

Turbot live in urban shrines [Apsley]

Lest you deem my words a lie [Surlaw]

Please ingest this piece of pie [Apsley]

As the modem chugs and whirrs [Surlaw]

Elk and deer do doff their furs [Apsley]

Lest you deem my life a farce [Surlaw]

Let me prod you in the arse [Apsley]

As the bits surge through the Net [P]

Many's the thought that you'll regret [Apsley]

Lest you deem my thoughts impure [Surlaw]

Here's a cat you can't insure [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 1st June 2000.