The Spoonbill Generator

Fingering Second Every Town

While blotting my escutcheon [Roland]

I saw, to my surprise, [TG]

A Rorschach form was taking shape [dkb]

Right before my eyes [Apsley]

While mopping up my luncheon [dkb]

I was amazed to see [fester]

mandelbrot had ate the lot [ellie]

Right in front of me [Hamish]

While sitting in my dungeon [Madge]

I glimpsed, in wonderment, [fester]

An ancient stain shaped like a brain [dkb]

Right there, that moment [fester]

While egging my old Dutch on [dkb]

I was awe-struck to spy [fester]

A liquid smear below her ear [dkb]

Right there, by her eye [fester]

So, strapping my new crutch on, [dkb]

I marvelled much to see [fester]

Blot, set, stain, smear were all still here, [dkb]

Right there beside me [fester]

Contributors: Roland, TG, dkb, Apsley, fester, ellie, Hamish, Madge.
Poem finished: 15th May 2000.