The Spoonbill Generator

Sickening Ogresses Devour Octameters

Twice, beneath a battered moon [Roland]

Circling bats my arbiters [E Greejius]

Jurymen of jet platoon [Roland]

Making sense where none cohered [Apsley]

Thrice, without perimeters [Roland]

Pent in elliptic hyperspace [E Greejius]

Scissors sharpened scimitars [Roland]

Eating jams that Russians feared [Apsley]

Once, beyond the bounds of sense [Roland]

That means to planners what they will, [Apsley]

Reason, through a void immense [Roland]

Swimming on a sleeping pill, [Apsley]

Never, 'til Poseidon drowns [Roland]

In a vat of molten zinc, [Apsley]

Cating our immortal crowns [Roland]

With undue haste, because we think [Apsley]

Always, with reluctant eye [Roland]

Lest ravens peck or geese should bark, [Apsley]

Or God should tumble from the sky [Roland]

As He were frightened of the dark [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, E Greejius, Apsley.
Poem finished: 31st March 2000.