The Spoonbill Generator

Discredited in Birmingham

Your bland mosaics, weak and pale [Roland]

More like Bud than honest ale [fester]

More like chalk than wholesome cheese [Roland]

Not like health, more like disease [fester]

Just the ticket for the Tate [The Agent Apsley]

Your buckling sculptures, tired and stale [Roland]

More like water than like ale [fester]

More like flesh than good red fowl [Roland]

Not like a laugh, more like a growl [fester]

Just the thing to tickle Fate. [Roland]

Your tawdry frescoes, wan and quaint [fester]

More like puke than any paint [P]

More like frying-pan than fire [Roland]

Not good at all, but really dire [fester]

Just the kind of stuff I Hate! [Roland]

Your sordid etchings, smudged and faint [fester]

More like splurging than restraint [Roland]

Less than wholesome, quite absurd [The Agent Apsley]

Not quite first rate, more like third [P]

Just what I Regurgitate [Roland]

Yet your enamel's of the best [The Agent Apsley]

Not Faberge, but I'm impressed [fester]

Not quite thrilled, but more than glad [Roland]

It's more than good, it's not half bad [fester]

Really rather Second-rate! [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, fester, The Agent Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 20th March 2000.