The Spoonbill Generator

Bosworth: An Ode

When cuttlefishes congregate [Roland]

(As they often do, of late) [P]

Those of us with submarines [Roland]

(Quite a few, by any means) [P]

Go hunting in the lake... [The Agent Apsley]

Down amid the plankton dim [Roland]

Where mermaids sing a solemn hymn [P]

Nautilus and narwhal meet [Roland]

And they'd dance too if they had feet [fester]

With halibut and hake ... [Roland]

The rhythms are but of the sea [The Agent Apsley]

They chop and change, like poetry [Loaf]

Contributors: Roland, P, The Agent Apsley, fester, Loaf.
Poem finished: 16th March 2000.