The Spoonbill Generator

Negative Elbow

Champion of the photograph [Shipp]

His nether limbs uncropp'd [Surlaw]

His face all white from too much light [Shipp]

His feet from being dropped [Apsley]

His ample elbows none too sharp [Surlaw]

- He's not a pretty sight! [Shipp]

Strutting on the podium [Surlaw]

To find a new frontier [Apsley]

His eyes ablaze (but out of phase) [P]

And like to make the dawn appear [Apsley]

Subservient to a long-dead carp [surlaw]

A-glimmer in the night! [Apsley]

Contributors: Shipp, Surlaw, Apsley, P, surlaw.
Poem finished: 2nd February 2000.