The Spoonbill Generator

Intergalactic Journey of a Broken Cruet

The Zimmer by the garage door [KT]

The plough-share in the lane [The Agent Apsley]

They tell a tale from long before [Roland]

the Flimby-Flombies came [Dee Jay Dave]

Is this tale fit for YOUR ears? It's no game! [E Greejius]

Many folk can tell you how [P]

The ploughman, to his shame, [E Greejius]

Was taken in a UFO [Dee Jay Dave]

(at least, that was his claim) [Roland]

To merely watch "The X Files" ain't the same. [E Greejius]

Beyond the sky, in silver robes, [Roland]

Spawn of the fecund void [E Greejius]

Came those whose ears have thirteen lobes [TG]

Whose surnames end with "-droid" [Roland]

Yelling in fluent Klingon: "Where's Jim Boyd?" [E Greejius]

Obliged to plough the Milky Way [Roland]

In their spaceship called 'Green Day' [Matt Wright]

to boldly go where none have gone before [DeeJay Dave]

Throwing the Zimmer frame away [E Greejius]

To stand upon their own three feet once more [TG]

While Jim the ploughman pursed his lips [E Greejius]

Two comets split the dark [Roland]

Resolving into cosmic ships [Grayman]

Of outline grim and stark [Roland]

And sound like song of diabolic lark. [E Greejius]

The hatches opened: out there strode [Roland]

(The starlight chill as tin) [E Greejius]

Nine hominids who bulged, who glowed [Roland]

Whose faces, sickly thin, [P]

Bespoke the poisoned pallor of their skin [Roland]

And thus the Poet, caked with grime, [The Agent Apsley]

(as Pastoral dictates) [Roland]

And luminously dressed in slime [KT]

Defies these potentates; [E Greejius]

But who may know the name of Him who Waits? [TG]

The Zimmer-business, unresolved, [E Greejius]

Will stretch the strangers' minds [TG]

'Twas not for this that they evolved [P]

Those glimmering behinds [Roland]

The moral, I suppose: it takes all kinds [TG]

And through the starfield, furrowed now [Roland]

They wend their weary way [KT]

While Jim, be-zimmered, shows them how [Roland]

To live on half the pay [P]

By bending time to turn black night to day [TG]

Contributors: KT, The Agent Apsley, Roland, Dee Jay Dave, E Greejius, P, TG, Matt Wright, DeeJay Dave, Grayman.
Poem finished: 23rd January 2000.