The Spoonbill Generator

A Behavioural Thesis

You giants! You, who from this crag [Roland]

Glance at us midgets far beneath [KT]

And throw our dreams back in our teeth [E Greejius]

Why do you sink and sag? [Roland]

You titans, you, who dwell on high [TG]

Out of reach of stick and spear [The Agent Apsley]

And fancy reverence in our fear [Roland]

Will end like Captain Bligh! [E Greejius]

And we, the stunted, crouching low [Roland]

Beneath your notice, or so we hope [Elizabeth]

Creep in the shadow of the slope [KT]

To wreak destruction on the foe! [TG]

And we, in turn, look down on those [P]

Whose straw and knot-grass spike our feet [Roland]

They're vermin, yet they seem so sweet [TG]

Who cringe and cower 'neath our blows [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, KT, E Greejius, TG, The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, P.
Poem finished: 18th January 2000.