The Spoonbill Generator

On Heat For Months

Away! Here's neither inn nor manger [Canon Golightly]

For people such as you may be [KT]

Hereabouts we shun the danger [Elizabeth]

And ward off the catastrophe [Grayman]

Contingent on a stranger [Roland]

Begone! And never bring your faces [KT]

Nor your footprints hereabout [Roland]

You belong in other places [KT]

Further in or further out [Roland]

Or in between the spaces [P]

Avaunt! You shan't infest my table [Roland]

With your habits quite uncouth [P]

Go as far as you are able [KT]

If you want to know the truth [P]

Much better than the fable [KT]

Fairwell! And take that bundle with you [Elizabeth]

Before it starts to fester [KT]

You've taken all that I can give you [TG]

- I'm not a wise investor [P]

Begone before I shiv you [TG]

Contributors: Canon Golightly, KT, Elizabeth, Grayman, Roland, P, TG.
Poem finished: 19th December 1999.