The Spoonbill Generator

Stacy's Fading Cardigan

The autumn leaves [KT]

No choice [P]

Unmade. I face the winter [KT]

Stale [P]

With blossom blown [Roland]

Recklessly [The Agent Apsley]

Haranguing pale pensioners [Roland]

Faded [KT]

The gutters full [TG]

overflow [KT]

Icicled, the waste-pipe [Roland]

Solid [KT]

The frosted lawns [KT]

Glistening [TG]

With tears, while remembering [P]

Times past [KT]

The vanquished sun [Roland]

Themselves [P]

Forgotten like the twilight [Roland]

Yesterday [Grayman]

Alone [The Agent Apsley]

Autumn memories [TG]

Wasted on the Spring [Roland]

Fading [TG]

Like walnuts [The Agent Apsley]

Fading [Roland]

... Gone [Grayman]

... [Roland]

Contributors: KT, P, Roland, The Agent Apsley, TG, Grayman.
Poem finished: 1st December 1999.