The Spoonbill Generator

Renaissance Dental Imperfections Gallery

All right he said, I think I will [Grayman]

Mince my words, just as a spoonbill [El Tel]

Should, until the sense is plain [TG]

Feel mundane, and numb the pain [Spawn of Rippy]

While sifting through my scattered brain [TG]

Important that you comprehend [Teresa Incognita]

Eggs should be broken at the big end [Grayman]

And a broken egg will never mend [Lady Lillian]

How large your lunch is will depend [Teresa Incognita]

On when the river hits the mill [TG]

But if your grist is ground, he thought [Teresa Incognita]

From finest steel his blade was wrought [Spawn of Rippy]

His swordsmanship was all for naught [Teresa Incognita]

His codpiece in the hilt got caught [Grayman]

And caused him to release a snot [Spawn of Rippy]

The snot it dribbled down his collar [eyelid]

To watch we had to pay a dollar [Spawn of Rippy]

Which forced us all to live in squalor [Teresa Incognita]

Whilst the snotting knight gave quite a hollar [Del Playa Debaucher]

As the pile of money grew taller and taller [Spawn of Rippy]

And yet, his words remain unminced [TG]

Though he is wealthy now, he started out with fifty cents. [Lady Lillian]

But found that when he scrubbed and rinsed [TG]

His heirs appeared not quite incensed [Del Playa Debaucher]

But singularly unconvinced [TG]

Contributors: Grayman, El Tel, TG, Spawn of Rippy, Teresa Incognita, Lady Lillian, eyelid, Del Playa Debaucher.
Poem finished: 7th September 1999.