The Spoonbill Generator

Googlehimmel (Pathetic Science)

Is it so? Have you not heard? [Grayman]

That nasty whiff ! It must be Turd!! [El Tel]

Yet I defy all men to assert [The Agent Apsley]

A turd in pie makes not dessert. [Spawn of Rippy]

Is it full ? Is it rich? [El Tel]

It tends to make my nostrils itch [Grayman]

And so I hold by trusty fork [El Tel]

And fend off the marauding stork [TG]

Is it new? Hot off the press? [Spawn of Rippy]

And will your fabled, coiled caress [Rip]

Touch me here, touch me there [El Tel]

Explore beneath my party-dress [Spawn of Rippy]

Is it life? But not as we know it! [El Tel]

Life redefined - we'll make it fit! [Sauron]

And even as my functions quit [Spawn of Rippy]

I think I'll go and squeeze that zit [TG]

Is it moving? Look, it's wet! [Spawn of Rippy]

Hit it again, we'll stop it yet! [Sauron]

When it's dead we'll sing and feast [TG]

And praise the dark ways of the beast [Spawn of Rippy]

666 is the number that we dread [El Tel]

But it's death and destruction that keeps us fed. [Spawn of Rippy]

But when the urge is satisfied [TG]

We check the eggs, they may be fried! [El Tel]

Can it be, this crazy luck? [Spawn of Rippy]

I'm wading through an oily muck [loop]

Damn, I wish I brought my wellies [El Tel]

And some of mummies famous jellies. [Spawn of Rippy]

I look for the lining of silver [snorty]

Once mined from the side of a hill, far [TG]

Far away, by the swords of a thousand men [El Tel]

Who very nearly got on 'News at Ten' [Grayman]

Contributors: Grayman, El Tel, The Agent Apsley, Spawn of Rippy, TG, Rip, Sauron, loop, snorty.
Poem finished: 27th August 1999.