The Spoonbill Generator

Tenacious Loip

"A harsh law, or an honest law?" [Roland]

Asked the barman, as he saw [P]

The cow chatting with the jackdaw [Beth]

And a ruffled shaggy pooch shaking his own paw [Shay]

Or was it the wife of the brother-in-law? [The Agent Apsley]

"I never met an honest man" [Rippacious]

in my travels 'round the world [best boy]

Or in my sojouns on the moon [The Agent Apsley]

Though hope prevails, we'll get there soon [sassy]

Maybe around half past noon! [Anon.]

But for now I'm pretending to be a monsoon. [best boy]

And now my eyes grow slowly dim [Von Rippenhausen]

I wish I'd never heard of Jim [TG]

Or seen the power of his gym [The Agent Apsley]

Or sensed his overweening vim [P]

And oh! How I want to win! [Shen]

I loathe all losing seriatim! [The Agent Apsley]

Thus spake the chief of Cherubim [TG]

And filled his tankard to the rim [Rebecca Sharp]

Lest he should miss all life and limb [The Agent Apsley]

A prospect most egregious grim! [TG]

The nonsense ended suddenly [best boy]

And not remotely woodenly [The Agent Apsley]

For melancholy bade me home [Rip]

At least I managed to see Rome. [Anon.]

Contributors: Roland, P, Beth, Shay, The Agent Apsley, Rippacious, best boy, sassy, Anon., Von Rippenhausen, TG, Shen, Rebecca Sharp, Rip.
Poem finished: 3rd February 1999.