The Spoonbill Generator

Cherubic Implant in My Succubus

Lazy day, bowl o' porridge before me [Bob]

Mama's talk done bore me, [Stacy]

Papa's wails don't half thrill us [The Agent Apsley]

Chillun's screams gon' kill us [Anon.]

Lawman's smile does puzzle [The Agent Apsley]

Lik' ol' coon hound's muzzle [TeeGee]

And soon I work a sweat up [The Agent Apsley]

To delouse my sweet dying pup [BoBo]

Hateful cat, lying on the footpath [The Agent Apsley]

Kick it aside in wrath [TG]

Or take it to the parking-lot [Tye Agent Apsley]

And trade it in for for some pot [Lady Di]

Junk to sweet oblivion [TG]

I never thought it would end [Anon.]

Hanging from a noose at ten [Kunta]

And thence to who knows where [The Agent Apsley]

Hard to make m'self care [TG]

Funk to complete oblission [Davy ]

Oh mama,mama [barry]

Come fan the eternal fire [Davy]

The truth will let you be [TG]

mute witness to your sire [Davy]

And the ancestral choir [TG]

Goads you on your mission [Barry]

Takes you from yer fishin' [TG]

Yet don't stop you wishin' [The Agent Apsley]

Lyin' atop sweet slender mother [Kunta Kente]

C'mon baby, try another [TG]

It be FINE!!! [Stacy]

Contributors: Bob, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Anon., TeeGee, BoBo, TG, Tye Agent Apsley, Lady Di, Kunta, Davy, barry, Barry, Kunta Kente.
Poem finished: 5th January 1999.