The Spoonbill Generator

These honeycombed faces

Marmaduke was searching for the never-ending flute [The Agent Apsley]

With a diligence that threatened his already shabby suit [P]

With a diligence that threatened his already shaken mind [Roland]

He sought for things that man or beast should never try to find [P]

Marmaduke was lurking in the coffeehouse-saloon, [Stacy]

With a passion he was whisking up his coffee with a spoon [TG]

With a passion he was spooning up his mocha java brew, [Stacy]

he was slurping like a man who had no teeth with which to chew [P]

Marmaduke was cycling on a track that did not glow [The Agent Apsley]

'Twas a febrile peddling faster than a man should ever know, [Stacy]

With a courage that was lacking in those of lesser years [The Agent Apsley]

He pedalled ever onward as he cycled through his fears [TG]

Marmaduke was whistling in a key he could not stand [The Agent Apsley]

'Twas sharp when flat was needed 'tho the tune was rather grand, [Stacy]

And though altogether hasty, it was also also quite staccato [The Agent Apsley]

He was crying like a girl who finds her boyfriend's a castrato [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, P, Roland, Stacy, TG.
Poem finished: 7th December 1998.