The Spoonbill Generator

Caroline Rembrandt Remembered Backwards

Buckets of mud and acres of slime are all that I need [The Agent Apsley]

All I desire [TG]

Mountains of goats and litres of cream, on these things I feed; [The Agent Apsley]

Ere I retire [Roland]

Towers of Edam and lashings of whelks are my repast [The Agent Apsley]

Are my salvation [TG]

Gallons of fruit and goblets of mead make ripe my firm seed [The Agent Apsley]

Seeds of damnation [TG]

Trumpets of brass and cymbals of steel ring forth my proud tones [The Agent Apsley]

Tones of disdain [Roland]

Braziers of charcoal and molten gruyere will warm my old bones [TG]

(Such as remain) [Roland]

Showers of gold and clashing of gongs liven my fast [TG]

And my digestion [The Agent Apsley]

Hundreds of imps and demons galore make light of my moans [TG]

Posing this question: [Roland]

Who will respond and who will refuse to come when I call? [TG]

What an injunction! [The Agent Apsley]

What was the crime and what bigotry caused Lucifer's fall? [TG]

His swift ejection [The Agent Apsley]

Into a world brimstoned and brined, broken and brassed [Loaf]

As if like a chain [The Agent Apsley]

Hanging suspended at each end by nothing at all [Roland]

Above Salisbury Plain [P]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, TG, Roland, Loaf, P.
Poem finished: 24th October 1998.