The Spoonbill Generator

One-note Symphony on the Sudden Revolution

From where will the words come? [Stacy]

kites have a long and interesting history [Anon.]

When should we be told? [TG]

Anonymous is a mystery [Stacy]

If I may make so bold [TG]

So very bold an assessment! [Stacy]

Whither do the days go? [TG]

The steam engine is a useful invention, [Stacy]

Why should we set sail? [TG]

Monopolies are illegal, [Stacy]

If we go to jail [TG]

We'll not recoup our investment [Anon.]

When will the doves fly? [TG]

Steam is a useful adjunct of sex [The Agent Apsley]

Who shall bid us stay? [TG]

Medicines can be poisonous [P]

If somebody would say [TG]

That's all. The end. My friend. [Stacy]

No more, I say, we'll spend [The Agent Apsley]

Our days in thrall to the establishment [TG]

Contributors: Stacy, Anon., TG, The Agent Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 30th September 1998.