The Spoonbill Generator

Ode to the Laughter of my Pancreas

Who can fathom the rat's cunning ways? [TG]

Damped by a blue tambourine [Roland]

Whoever would think 'twould become such a craze? [TG]

Something obese and obscene [Roland]

Something that still has the power to amaze [TG]

From azure to aquamarine [Roland]

Who does not ache at the mouse's poor fate [P]

Wincing at khaki trombones [Roland]

Whoever could tell if the welder was late? [TG]

What was the cause of his groans? [Roland]

Why did the cuttlefish stand at the gate? [TG]

Embedding his tusks in the stones? [Roland]

Who can recall where the pigs' eyes were popped? [TG]

Grimacing up at the stars [Roland]

What did we care if their eyebrows were cropped? [TG]

(Shorter by far than Papa's) [Roland]

Isn't it time that this nonsense was stopped? [TG]

Fetch a spittoon, or a vase ... [Roland]

Father, I cannot go back down the pit [TG]

Lobsters bedevil my path [Roland]

When we are served with the sinister writ [TG]

Rats may be fried in the hearth [(trad.)]

Drowning in leather, deficient of wit [TG]

They blink at the brim of my bath [R+L]

Happy Old Year to the prince and princess! [TG]

Celebrate bittern and beard! [Roland]

How did we ever come back to this mess? [TG]

(Though not quite as bad as we'd feared) [P]

Who can deny us the right to digress [Roland]

When did it all get so weird? [TG]

When shall we penetrate farthest Penang? [Roland]

When will fair Margelet dance? [TG]

Crumbling the crust of her virgin Meringue [Roland]

En brise, as they have it in France [TG]

Where all the Lays we so merrily sang [Roland]

When will the Welder advance? [TG]

Not till the wombat, bedraggled with woe [Roland]

Tickles the parson's sore nose [TG]

Not till the fragments of olf Krakato- [Roland]

Are regripped by the eagle-owl's toes [TG]

Not till the foeman shall slander the foe [P]

Deriding their luminous glows [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P, (trad.), R+L.
Poem finished: 27th September 1998.