The Spoonbill Generator

Romeo's Last Reward (Exodus)

The note bore the crest of nobility, [Stacy]

Feathers, lion and crown [KD]

The messages was not as impresive, [Stacy]

Consisting of directions [TG]

Third left and then round the bend [Andrew Firth]

The pen wrote the best of ability, [Stacy]

Smoothly inked and drawn [TG]

The holder was much bolder, [Stacy]

Persisting with inflections [TG]

With art it scribed its name. [Stacy ]

The knight rode the Beast of Reality [TG]

Tamed by no man's hand, [Stacy]

The halter was of gossamer [TG]

Repressing tender nubs [Zulu]

It's never quite the same. [Stacy]

Contributors: Stacy, KD, TG, Andrew Firth, Zulu.
Poem finished: 4th September 1998.