The Spoonbill Generator

We Build, The Planes Come

Unbroken, unending, the wine-darkened sea [TG]

Nor wanting, nor waiting, 'tis home now to me [Roland]

We plough o'er the waves as the seasons revolve [TG]

Despairing to count the conundrums we solve [Roland]

In light or in darkness, we strive for the heights [TG]

That once, as mere children disporting with kites [Roland]

We scaled; now our efforts turn more to the South [TG]

Our smiling demeanour turned down in the mouth [Roland]

We feather our flights to the target so far [TG]

Removed from our range; and we count it bizarre [Roland]

That we, whom the Fates must have blessed at our birth [TG]

Are now the despair of each despot on Earth [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 12th August 1998.