The Spoonbill Generator

Behind Every Grimacing Badger...

Kropotkin claimed that all he saw [P]

Could be consumed with his jaw [The Agent Apsley]

He tested this hypothesis [TG]

Each Monday [Roland]

But soon there was another day [Snoopy]

On which he garnered double pay [Roland]

And proved to all the world that this [TG]

Was someday. [Stacy]

Kasparov knew he was not blue [The Agent Apsley]

But as his righthand thumbnail grew [TG]

He knew he had still a hand [Snoopy]

For Sunday. [The Agent Apsley]

But when he put this to the test [TG]

Doing what he thought was best, [Stacy]

He punctured his adrenal gland [TG]

On Thursday. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: P, The Agent Apsley, TG, Roland, Snoopy, Stacy.
Poem finished: 21st July 1998.