The Spoonbill Generator

Cheeseboard Dusk

The Books of Heaven opened, the pages to their destinations flying! [Ed]

Hambone frills, escutcheons, adornments of the dying [Roland]

Letters overflow and singe the air, fleeting fireflies with faces. [chummy bodwin]

Ardent affirmation of our mortal non-embraces [Roland]

And, if it were but needed, confirmation of our holy creed [The Agengt Apsley]

Shall dignify our distance from the advocates of such a deed [Roland]

The angels meet the demons to discuss theological affairs [TG]

While underneath the arches four lone kippers steal their prayers [Roland]

The winds howl the truth, far away [Snoopy]

But why should we listen today? [Roland]

dusk embraces the dark light [Snoopy]

So why should be bother to fight? [Roland]

Rain falls down without a sound [Snoopy]

Build up high my burial mound [P]

Aiming high yet sinking low [Roland]

feeling to transfer into a PoW [Snoopy]

A mound of cheese soon blocks our path [The Agent Apsley]

But we make our escape through the hearth [TG]

Contributors: Ed, Roland, chummy bodwin, The Agengt Apsley, TG, Snoopy, P, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 4th July 1998.