The Spoonbill Generator

Bedazzled by Our Daphne's Pebbledash

Flying at thirty-eight times the speed of sound [Tron]

(never one to boast) [Roland]

Then, light-tripping fantastic, the stars I did unbound [Tron]

- a supersonic ghost! [cheezwizzard]

The wisdom of Kashmir was served with milk and toast [Tron]

to my witless greyhound [The Agent Apsley]

who added a cat, a rat, and a centipede to the host [Tron]

With one mighty bound! [TG]

Scared of betraying a sense of hidden remorse [The Agent Apsley]

The Hero took a train, with three virgins, to the coast! [Tron]

The train soon derailed and crashed in the gorse [The Agent Apsley]

Or the furze; and the beef was well-and-truly roast [Roland]

And served to the Barons of York, which it pleased [The Agent Apsley]

(never folk to carp) [Roland]

The Cheezewhiz was thinner than brie, you see, [Stacy]

With no odious rind [The Agent Apsley]

And servings for all, with plenty to spare, were given to the contestants [Q]

(never mind the mess) [TG]

Which promptly went into their system, ending in their intestines [The Agent Apsley]

and were all flushed out to the West [Tron]

They never found the remains of the panel [TG]

but they learned to open all of their doors [Tron]

Which shows that even the most hare-brained plan'll [TG]

will force everyone to learn to properly wax floors! [Ed]

The split infinite was greeted with a cheer [The Agent Apsley]

Or a groan, according to creed [TG]

infinite cheering splitted the fear [Snoopy]

Or a greedy groan of need [Snoopy]

Contributors: Tron, Roland, cheezwizzard, The Agent Apsley, TG, Stacy, Q, Ed, Snoopy.
Poem finished: 30th June 1998.