The Spoonbill Generator

Raskolnikov's Fallen

If night should fall before the deed is done [TG]

That seals the fate of sparrow, thrush and coot [Roland]

And each fallen, gives a tear in the eye of the One. [Daystar's Son]

And laces quite the Penitential Boot. [Roland]

If day should dawn before I'm in my pit [The Agent Apsley]

Then unknown labors shall circle pride's root [The Rat]

And, like an echo, give to each a bit [The Agent Apsley]

That underscores the Penitential Flute [Roland]

While the Jolly Jack Tars all await the trial [Anon.]

Those somber judges of us all, [Stacy]

There's no point "being in denial" [The Agent Apsley]

When the descamisado's are made after the fall! [Nacon4]

If stars should drop before the thrush does sing [The Agent Apsley]

then the highlanders will all return to their hidden forts [Nacon4]

And the longest line in the universe will be a great thing [The Agent Apsley]

While the Monster comes to rip down the retorts [Daystar's Son]

If wheat should grow upon my horned head [The Agent Apsley]

Then send the joyful skylark with the news [TG]

And all around them, the cat-commander lead [Guido]

The clan of frogs that all men should abuse. [The Agent Apsley]

Then the Wren and the Skipper had a long talk [Daystar's Son]

And sang a roundelay beneath the stars [TG]

The looked for a line of hope and found it in the bars [Guido]

Those favoured bars wherein the wheelwrights walk [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Daystar's Son, The Agent Apsley, The Rat, Anon., Stacy, Nacon4, Guido.
Poem finished: 1st June 1998.