The Spoonbill Generator

Once We Devoured Magma

At last I have the chance to spread my wings and versify [The Agent Apsley]

Not tuck in tail nor for job I need apply. [Zsa]

But maybe that just means that I should simply amplify [The Agent Apsley]

Or dignify my efforts with a song [TG]

To magnify the might of the Dugong [Roland]

Or else submit a line or two that's simply far too long [The Agent Apsley]

Or short [Bop]

Requiring wit from those that shame the weak and shun the strong [The Agent Apsley]

Reason being we should spend the effort to get on. [Stacy ]

To distance ourselves from all wrong [Zsa]

We compose a jazzy song, [stacy]

One to which all folk sing along. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Zsa, TG, Roland, Bop, Stacy, stacy.
Poem finished: 2nd May 1998.