The Spoonbill Generator

Only Ingrid Soothes This Eyeball

Your cobwebs (your cosmetics) [Roland]

Your habitat (your aesthetics) [Stacy]

Everything about you is alarming [Roland]

My impression (my illusion) [TG]

My homage (my confusion) [Kimberley]

Seldom was deception so disarming [Roland]

There never was a moment when I felt so well at ease [TG]

Nor yet a day when I'd not seek another set of keys [P]

And so to you, my Tulip, I ask you if you'll please... [Stacy]

Open my deposit with your desperate remedies [Roland]

I'm looking for the time when I can say that I've a wart [The Agent Apsley]

or a toad or a swan or a coupla quarts, [Stacy]

Or a pair of shorts [P]

That aborts [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, TG, Kimberley, P, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 17th March 1998.