The Spoonbill Generator

Whether Lewinsky Swore (Wittgenstein's Homily)

The unblessed stranger twisted forth, [Stacy]

His eyes corrupt as clay [Roland]

With soul more cold than Arctic North [Josh]

With feet as blue as day: [The Agent Apsley]

He reached for me with gnarled hands, [Stacy]

His face was clean and shaven [KW]

And on his head there were some sands [The Agent Apsley]

Whilst, on his back, a raven [GED]

Yelling, in Triumphant Zeal [Roland]

His claymore waving high [TG]

, He gave to me a piece of veal [The Agent Apsley]

Unknown to any pie [Roland]

He hadn't any Messing Time, [KD]

Whatever that might be, [The Agent Apsley]

And following his pressing crime [Roland]

He climbed a flaming tree. [Stacy]

His gherkin flourished in the wind [The Agent Apsley]

And rose to the occasion [Capt. B. Fart]

Unlike the famous tamarind [Roland]

Which Scotsmen fail to mention. [The Agent Apsley]

His battle-scarf blew in the breeze [TG]

His snarl met gods on high, [Stacy]

He brought the masses to their knees [Capt. B. Fart]

And wrung their withers dry [TG]

Contributors: Stacy, Roland, Josh, The Agent Apsley, KW, GED, TG, KD, Capt. B. Fart.
Poem finished: 8th March 1998.