The Spoonbill Generator

Jesus pondering a delightful catachresis

Beneath the tea tree sits the gnome, [Stacy]

His idle mind a-swirl through channels deep [TG]

Digesting promises he cannot keep, [Stacy]

And wishing that he knew his home. [The Agent Apsley]

Around the tree stand seven stones [TG]

Each serves to hide a maiden sweet, [Stacy]

As silken blades caress their feet, [TG]

The fey maidens' dance grows less discreet. [SR Koon]

High in the tree lurks the hag [Kent]

Waiting to drop unwelcomed gifts, [Stacy]

Through thoughts of evil plots shs sifts [Josh]

Whilst peeling turnips in a bag. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Stacy, TG, The Agent Apsley, SR Koon, Kent, Josh.
Poem finished: 2nd March 1998.