The Spoonbill Generator

All Aboard, Airhead!

Wide eyed and innocent, she [Stacy]

Circled the posthumous sea [P]

Blamelessly supple, her limbs [Roland]

were as fluid as the Thames [Stacy]

Guileless as honey, her bones [Roland]

Glisten upon marble thrones [The Agent Apsley]

Exquisite as the finest pearl, she [Stacy]

Glided alongside my quay [TG]

Singing like a siren, she [Stacy]

Dreams the dream that I should be [The Agent Apsley]

Windswept and underfed, I [TG]

Take sustenance before I die. [Stacy]

Blinkered and doubtful, the crew [TG]

Throw dice to dictate what they'll do [Roland]

Contributors: Stacy, P, Roland, The Agent Apsley, TG.
Poem finished: 2nd March 1998.