The Spoonbill Generator

If Shadows Could Jest

Why is it so dark in the middle of this life? [Stacy]

Why does the midwife cavort whilst playing the fife? [The Agent Apsley]

Why are so few perverse confessions rife? [Roland]

Where is my Knife? [TG]

Why are the answers all found on the wind? [Stacy]

Why might a pedant avoid the pale tamarind? [Roland]

Why does the oak refuse to bend? [Stacy]

Who is my friend? [TG]

Why must we travel and never look back? [Roland]

Why must we yawn from our front to our back? [The Agent Apsley]

Why does no-one nowadays drink Sack? [TG]

What is the priest? [The Agent Apsley]

Why ask the mellow to be more severe? [Stacy]

Why think of bread when men can have beer? [The Agent Apsley]

Why do these pundits jeer? [Roland]

Who is the fool? [Stacy]

Why ask the barn-owl to stand on its head? [The Agent Apsley]

Why kill a mouse when it's already dead? [Stacy]

Why carry on when there's no more to be said? [TG]

Contributors: Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 26th February 1998.