The Spoonbill Generator

WHat Further Unsightly Turbulence Awaits Below?

Carmelites! Before we know [Roland]

The end of all our efforts, all our toil [TG]

Vanished, and before we go [Roland]

To seek a life of unremitting toil [TG]

We toil ... [Roland]

Josephine! I must insist [TG]

Your new line will go here, [Bop]

Underneath, as in a list [Roland]

The title words appear [TG]

I fear [Roland]

Underlings! Clean up this page [TG]

The bane of all our efforts, all our skill [Roland]

Versifying's all the rage [TG]

Unless you've no more time to kill [Roland]

Like Jill [TG]

Josephine! Your tea's all cold [Roland]

You're wasting countless hours [TG]

Unbelief, as you've been told [Roland]

May heighten Satan's powers [TG]

Not ours [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Bop.
Poem finished: 24th February 1998.