The Spoonbill Generator

One Last Lobster Seeking Re-election

"Ride onwards, lads, a new-born day [TG]

Will soon be dead and gone! [Roland]

Sing loud this dreary roundelay [Bop]

That rambles on and on [Roland]

About inconsequential things [Bop]

But seals at last the fate of kings [TG]

And then, a tiny trimaran [Roland]

Will run before the gale [TG]

Across the tea-cup's mighty span [Roland]

Hunting a tiny whale [Bop]

A cocktail-stick, its dread harpoon [Roland]

A breath of air its feared monsoon [P]

Entirely." Thus, in lively tones [Roland]

The president resumed [Bop]

Despite a heaving in her bones [Roland]

And knowledge she was surely doomed [P]

To fossilise, unknown, unsung [Roland]

- an object lesson for our young [TG]

Yet, underneath the table-cloth [Roland]

The President well knew [TG]

She'd blown his cover, under oath [Roland]

And seen him bent askew [TG]

And thus the one-time president [Bop]

Became a theme-park resident [Loaf]

The moral, if you'd have one, must [TG]

Not grace the mouths of men [Roland]

It reeks of unrepentant lust [TG]

That longs to sin again [Roland]

It makes it clear that no man's power [TG]

Survives, unstained, his happy hour. [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Bop, P, Loaf.
Poem finished: 19th February 1998.