The Spoonbill Generator

Borrowing Twilight

Come, Luggage! There's a curious world I'm longing to explore [TG]

Of course, I'll keep my distance from the tourists I deplore, [Stacy]

From towers, domes and steeples [Linda]

Throw caution to the wind, [Stacy]

To question alien peoples [Simon]

Both pink- and purple-skinned [Roland]

We'll savour sights which sapient men have never viewed before [TG]

And never tell the folks back home that it was all a bore. [Roland]

Come, Apricots! There's a fruit salad I am longing to recreate [The Agent Apsley]

With kumquats, granny apples and a single mejool date, [Stacy]

From superstores and delis [Roland]

Throw syrup to the air [The Agent Apsley]

Daub peach-juice on our bellies [Roland]

and dance without a care, [Stacy]

We'll savour bites which men have never dared put on their plate [TG]

Come, Readers! There's a whole new verse we still must see, [Stacy]

With rhyming, and with scansion and the weirdly odd spondee [TG]

We'll view spontaneous haiku [Simon]

Anapestic stress, [Stacy]

Not that we mention pike, you [The Agent Apsley]

THAT would be a mess! [Stacy]

Contributors: TG, Stacy, Linda, Simon, Roland, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 17th February 1998.