The Spoonbill Generator

The swarthy Wellington-boot

When nights draw in, and pubs resound with tales of Arthur's deeds [TG]

We sit ourselves around the fire and speak of wicked needs, [Stacy]

Of missing links, and palimpsests, and antiquated creeds. [Bop]

The kindly coals, they glad our hearts, and make us lusty yet, [Simon]

We tell our tales of daring, of the maidens once we met [TG]

Who marvelled at our bearing, and gave us anisette. [Simon]

And when the moon glows ever round, [Stacy]

The hunger in me starts to pound [The Agent Apsley]

The strongest urge, the heart's resound, [Stacy]

The steps of ancients on the ground. [The Agent Apsley]

Oh! For that age of daring deed, of noisome tribes to slay! [Simon]

Political correctness had not yet come to stay, [Stacy]

And no confusion rose from claiming one was feeling gay [TG]

If the cappy liked the skippy, he'd just arsk him to stay! [Stacy]

Contributors: TG, Stacy, Bop, Simon, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 15th February 1998.