The Spoonbill Generator

Thoughts of Poseidon's Daughter

Edgily, along the pier [Roland]

I made my careful way, [Stacy]

(See! My end is drawing near.) [Simon]

(My destiny, decay.) [Roland]

I met the all-abiding sea, [Simon]

No quicker than I'd planned [Roland]

The wat'ry beast will swallow me, [Simon]

As I devour the land [Roland]

I dip my toe into the brine [TG]

It dangles from a string [Roland]

I'd never felt these salty thrills, [Stacy]

Till you began to sing [Roland]

I taste the spume that flecks my lips [TG]

and roll it 'round my tongue, [Stacy]

I bind my hair with cycle clips [Bop]

And wreaths of dingo dung [Roland]

"Come hither, now", the waves do plead, [Simon]

I'll join them in a space [TG]

And I'll atone for my misdeed, [Simon]

My life I will erase. [Stacy]

Contributors: Roland, Stacy, Simon, TG, Bop.
Poem finished: 10th February 1998.