The Spoonbill Generator

My Soothsayer's Impeachment

Emblems of the regal scorn [P]

Feathers, yacht and crown [KD]

How I long to bring them down. [Roland]

Harbingers of gloomy morn [P]

Fenris - eats the sun [KD]

How he loathes us, every one [Roland]

Eaters of the bourgeoise, [Stacy]

Patriarch and Pope [Roland]

How I wish I'd got a rope [TG]

Anarchist or albatross? [Stacy]

Acrobat or ape? [Bop]

How I long to change my shape. [P]

Elongated walrus [The Agent Apsley]

Eggman his disgust [KD]

How to cure this wanderlust? [Roland]

Sitting here on Beachy Head [P]

Feathering my shin [Roland]

How I'd love a chance to sin [P]

Harbouring great mounds of guilt [Roland]

Sifting them like sand, [Stacy]

More slowly than I'd planned [Bop]

Laughingly recalling how [Roland]

Aching in my head, [Stacy]

I crawled from bed to bed [Roland]

Stupidly, I now have found [P]

Dumbly discovered, [Stacy]

Like bats we once smothered... [The Agent Apsley]

Nothing that I didn't know [trad]

Revealed itself, [Stacy]

Time to climb back on the shelf [TG]

Contributors: P, KD, Roland, Stacy, TG, Bop, The Agent Apsley, trad.
Poem finished: 31st January 1998.