The Spoonbill Generator

Maybe Mercury Speaks

Scared of every footfall [P]

Stepping-stones submerge [Roland]

Remembrance [P]

Delicate, in runnels [Roland]

Like the funeral dirge. [Stacy(HAPPY NEW YEAR!)]

Starting at a whisper [TG]

Sweat amid the corn [Roland]

Deliverance [P]

Belching from the funnels [Roland]

Like the mourner's horn [Stacy]

Shying at a shadow [TG]

Spilt testosterone [Roland]

Connivance [Bop]

Bulging at the gunwales [Roland]

Like a gravid crone. [Bop]

Skulking in a corner [TG]

Stultified, askew [Roland]

Protuberance [P]

Piqued by sundry shunnals [Loaf]

Like a bad review [TG]

Sliding off the table [Roland]

Slipping on the ghee [TG]

Omniscience [Roland]

That ignorance annuls [KD]

Like a cup of tea [P]

Spying for the Russians [KD]

Slightly overweight [Roland]

Excrescence [P]

It's rank and smelling foul, [Stacy]

Like the Devil's gate [TG]

Slipping on the tombstones, [Stacy]

Sophonisba skates [Roland]

Tawny [Stacy]

Unlike my favourite towel [Roland]

Whose hue anticipates [Bop]

Scouring so abrasive [Roland]

Sullenly obtuse [The Agent Apsley]

Deviance [KD]

Yet, underneath my cowl [Roland]

My head's of little use [P]

Contributors: P, Roland, Stacy(HAPPY NEW YEAR!), TG, Stacy, Bop, Loaf, KD, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 21st January 1998.