The Spoonbill Generator

Of Struggling Poets and Pious Days

A ghastly mismeasure of woman, [Stacy]

of tinsel and talcum and tea [Roland]

I gave her the gift I'd been saving [TG]

For someone from Bexhill-on-Sea [Roland]

In time for my daughter's next birthday [P]

Nor taffeta, teabags or twine [Roland]

Shall aid us with our celebration [The Agent Apsley]

Add comfrey for thoughts most sublime. [Stacy]

For such are the garments of folly [Roland]

For such is the birthright of all [TG]

The sermon, the surf and the sawdust [Roland]

Are all a great part of the fall. [Stacy]

Contributors: Stacy, Roland, TG, P, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 14th December 1997.