The Spoonbill Generator

Clustering (Algorithm Played on a Gumby)

Between the barns, half-buried [Roland]

Lies a razor quite unserrried [The Agent Apsley]

And an hypnotist's apologetic leg [Roland]

Said the fisher to the spider, [Stacy]

As he ate the latter's head [P]

A hamlet's Hamlet hurried, [Stacy]

Lies erase a Quaker, worried [Roland]

and an answer to an apolostolic prayer. [Stacy]

Said the sailor to the fishwife [P]

As they tumbled out of bed [Roland]

Around his bum the bumbler scurried [Kent]

Lice are asymmetric, curried [Loaf]

Yet sauteed they look quite very much the same, [Stacy]

Said the mercer to the salesman [TG]

As they both refused their bread. [Carl Wonzmann]

A setee sat,sincerely [Stacy]

sofa so good, not merely [Roland]

Yet a mattress might be cozy on a whim, [Stacy]

Said the cyborg to his shadow [Loaf]

As he toasted home decor. [Stacy]

Atop the barn, a-tremble [TG]

Sat carmudgeons unscathed, [Stacy]

With a rubber pen, half bathed [TG]

Said the jester to the priest, [Stacy]

Are you quick or are you dead? [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, Stacy, P, Kent, Loaf, TG, Carl Wonzmann.
Poem finished: 28th November 1997.