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Alice's Peculiar Revenge

Alice frowned; all around, leaves were falling to the ground [TG]

In among the bookshelves, Clement saw his chance: [Roland]

As he burned, Alice turned, this time he would not be spurned [P]

Cindered at the index, bones of Clement dance [Roland]

Alice fell. Hear her yell : "Clement, you can go to Hell!" [TG]

Near the central heating, Clement's ashes paled [Roland]

As she rose, in hostile pose, striking at imagined foes [P]

Craven in his grave, still Clement feels assailed [TG]

Alice cursed, quiet at first, then at length a wild outburst: [Roland]

Floating in the doorway, Clement heard his doom [TG]

In the breeze, if you please, Alice felt between his knees [Roland]

Clement seemed excited till he saw the grinning groom [TG]

Tall and proud, laughing loud, grabbing Clement by the shroud [Roland]

Alice drank the potion, started to decline [TG]

Felt her wits fall to bits, gulping down the Slivovits [Roland]

Warding off all evil with a charismatic sign [P]

Later on, brain all gone, Alice dreamt of Babylon [Roland]

Crawling through the roses, Clement wept anew [TG]

Gardens hang, cell-doors clang, Alice crumbles like meringue [Roland]

Clement greets the headsman with a cheery "View Halloo!" [TG]

Gleaming axe, tattoed backs, fond of causing heart-attacks [Roland]

Alice met the Duchess, told her tale of woe [TG]

Scathing scorn, gnails all gnawn, craven on the croquet lawn [Roland]

Alice hoped devoutly that the bruises wouldn't show [P]

Clement smiled. "Foolish child! How could you be so beguiled?" [TG]

Alice gaped bewildered: nothing here made sense [Roland]

But she guessed, unimpressed, this was but another test [P]

Destined to deter her from sitting on the fence [Roland]

Alice yawned; day had dawned, as the Cheshire Cat had warned [TG]

Clement and his tantrums seemed so long ago [Roland]

See her rise, rub her eyes, looking up with wild surmise [TG]

Certain now that nothing much is all we'll ever know. [Roland]

[Sorry chaps!]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P, Sorry chaps!.
Poem finished: 25th November 1997.